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October Meeting

全国語学教育学会 The Japan Association for Language Teaching -JALT-  
 1. Flow and Anchoring in T.E.Y.L. classes (10:00-11:20)
by John Wiltshier (Miyagi Gakuin Women’s University) If we see great teachers teach the classes always run so smoothly. The teacher enjoys teaching and children enjoy learning. Such smooth classroom management is created at the lesson planning stage. Thinking beyond the typical lesson plan components of time, activity and resources to consider lesson flow and anchoring is necessary to improve classroom management. Participants in this presentation will draw lesson flow diagrams to help analyze their own classes and will be shown how to identify positive and negative anchors that currently exist in their classrooms. Lunch Break (11:20- 13:30) A Relaxed Stroll to the Food Court in Tsukuba Center - Many dining options in the Food Court at Q't. 2. Tasks and projects in elementary schools (13:30-14:50)
by James York (Tokyo Denki University) The fi