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Sunday, December 9 Meeting

The Japan Association for Language Teaching  -JALT-   Co - sponsor : Ibaraki University Presentations:   1. Coaching in TPR Storytelling’s Core “Circling” Technique (13:00-14:00)   Dominic Jones ( Sendai Seiyo Gakuin University)   This workshop demonstrates the teaching skill of Circling and coaches, teachers in its use, so that they can add it to their teaching tool kit. Circling is used to provide multiple comprehensible repetitions of the target language in a fun way that improves your students’ language acquisition. Circling is a core skill of TPRS. TPRS is a teaching method that has evolved from Dr Asher’s total physical response teaching tool that uses reading and storytelling to teach language using comprehensible input. 2. Sign Language in the Language-teaching Classroom (14:15-15:45)   Mariko Miyao, Tsukuba Gakuin University Cecilia Ikeguchi, Tsukuba Gakuin University Martin Pauly, Tsukuba University of Technology Deaf and hard-of-hearing students are entering mainstream s