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JALT-Ibaraki Chapter March 2019 Meeting

Date:  March 17th 2019 (Sunday)   Venue: Ibaraki University Mito Campus (room #13 Common Education Building) Morning Program:   10:00-11:30  Speaker: Samuel Nfor Presentation Title: Communicative Language Teaching:  Functionalizing Students’ ‘Out-of-School’ Literacy Practices through Mime The presentation discusses the benefits and challenges of experimental Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in a Japanese university EFL oral communication class and concludes that bringing students’ literacy practices from outside the context of formal education into the EFL classroom acknowledges their investment in classroom language practices, secures student engagement, and yields perceived improvement. Afternoon Program:  13:30-15:30  Speakers: Sanae Kawamoto & Tracy Brown Presentation Title: Explaining Japanese Culture using Easy Simple English As International visitors are increasing in Japan, we have opportunities to assist them, or explain to them aspects of Japane