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Ibaraki Chapter June Meeting

Ibaraki Chapter June Meeting Date and Time:    Saturday, 24 June 2017 -  2:00pm  -  5:00pm Speaker:   Roxana Sandu, University of Tsukuba Venue : Tsukuba Gakuin University (Meeting Room 2)            Azuma 3-1 Tsukuba-shi 1. Featured Presentation (14:00 - 16:00) Title: Educate for the future: Fostering 21st Century Skills in the English Language Classroom By: Roxana Sandu, University of Tsukuba 2. Business Meeting (16:20 - 17:00) Presentation Summary: Living in an increasingly globalized and digitized world, students nowadays should be educated in order to meet the expectations of tomorrow’s job market. Therefore, education, including foreign language education, should prepare students for the unpredictable future that lies ahead of them. The purpose of this talk is threefold. The first is to introduce some of the frameworks for 21st century skills, while focusing on the importance of teaching not only the 4Cs (communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity) of 21st Cen