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Chapter Online Event: Tim Murphey - An Ecological Jungle of Learning - October 17

  Date:  October 17, 2021// Online // 13:00 - 15:00 Title:  An Ecological Jungle of Learning: Partnering Students with Invitations to Teach, Reach, & Publish Presenter: Tim Murphey,  Visiting Professor Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education  RILAE , Kanda University of International Studies Abstract: Inspiring students to do things that they have never done is not as difficult as it seems, if we approach them with our own confidence that they can amaze themselves and start with small steps. I will describe 7 activity types that scaffold them toward class publications that can potentially change their world. Starting with egalitarian classes in which their ideas are respected, students have  shown themselves to want to and be able to write  for their peers and others in remarkably interesting ways. The materials having been written by peers are even more interesting for students than normal texts  and caste a certain charm into the reading students’ heads as they read say

Voices of Asia (Co-sponsored with the Gunma chapter) July 18, 2021

  Event Speakers: Mashraky Mustary, Zhou Xin, Dr. Pramila Neupane, Dr. Abdollah Dodangeh Date: Sunday, July 18, 2021 -  2:00pm  to  5:00pm PRESENTATION 1 2:00pm ~ 2:30pm TEACHING TRENDS IN DHAKA CITY: A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS, PRIVATE SCHOOLS, AND MADRASAHS by Mashraky Mustary The Bangladesh education system has three types of educational institutions: public schools, private schools, and Islamic instruction educational institutions called madrasah. With the gradual enhancement of technology, the gaps in the quality of education are becoming more pronounced. This presentation showcases the study undertaken in 2019 to investigate the teaching methodologies in each type of institution to identify the key differences between them in Dhaka City schools. This presentation will be of interest to teachers of public and private schools who are interested in the topic of nationalized education as well as researchers looking into the privatization of education. Findings will be reve

Ibaraki JALT Online Event – Co-sponsored with Tsukuba Gakuin University on June 24, 2021

  Ibaraki JALT Online Event – Co-sponsored with Tsukuba Gakuin University on June 24, 2021 Event Speaker:   Yasuto Onishi      JALT Ibaraki is proud to co-sponsor an online lecture by the famous NHK English Conversation Radio Personality Yasuto Onishi titled "How do you learn to speak English?" Please download the flyer for more information and the QR code for registration.  To get the informationm please go to the Tsukuba Gakuin Univesity's Website (in Japanese)  You can download the poster and registration form at:   Date:  Thursday, June 24, 2021 - 2:00pm Event in Planning:  Scheduled Event Type:  JALT Event Online Meeting:  Yes Cost for Jalt Members:  Free Cost for non-Jalt Members:  Free

Co-sponsoring Gifu-JALT Online Event “Buzz Green Day” (April 2021 Ibaraki-JALT Chapter Event)

Co-sponsoring Gifu-JALT Online Event “Buzz Green Day” Date:  April 24 th ,  2- 7 p.m. Details Ibaraki-JALT is one of the co-sponsors of Gifu-JALT Online Event called “Buzz Green Day.” The event details will be announced as soon as we receive more information.  For your information, the following is the call for the presenters sent from Gifu-JALT. Call for the presenters: Buzz Green Day  (Gifu JALT, April 24th, 2-7 pm online)   In memory of the beloved JALT member and friend,  Buzz Green , Gifu JALT is hosting a half-day event in April, and they are putting out a call for presenters. The event will host an array of presentations with an emphasis on young learners and ALT-related topics, two areas of teaching dear to Buzz's heart. Presentations will be 30 mins long. Potential participants could either send Gifu JALT your title and/or abstract, or get in touch first to discuss their ideas. First-time presenters are very welcome. MyShare and poster sessions are encouraged and poss

Ibaraki-JALT Chapter March 2021 Online/ZOOM Meeting

    We would like to invite you to our second online epic meeting. We have excellent presenters lined up for March and we are extremely honoured for their willingness to be the first in perhaps hereafter online chapter meetings. Program details: 10:00~10:10 Opening Remarks 10:10~10:50 1. Presentation by Jenny Numadate , Junior Associate Professor, Ibaraki Christian University Title: “Improving Student Confidence and Language Output Using a TBLT Textbook “   Summary: Most Japanese students spend over ten years learning English as a foreign language, yet few of them become proficient at using it competently. Reasons for this include methods of instruction and confidence levels. Recently, the pedagogical focus has started to shift from PPP (present, practice, produce) to TBLT (task-based language teaching) in order to promote ‘real’ language acquisition and production. However, most of the textbooks offered in Japan are based on the PPP method of instruction. To rectify this, a textbook s