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Chapter Online Event: Tim Murphey - An Ecological Jungle of Learning - October 17

  Date:  October 17, 2021// Online // 13:00 - 15:00 Title:  An Ecological Jungle of Learning: Partnering Students with Invitations to Teach, Reach, & Publish Presenter: Tim Murphey,  Visiting Professor Research Institute for Learner Autonomy Education  RILAE , Kanda University of International Studies Abstract: Inspiring students to do things that they have never done is not as difficult as it seems, if we approach them with our own confidence that they can amaze themselves and start with small steps. I will describe 7 activity types that scaffold them toward class publications that can potentially change their world. Starting with egalitarian classes in which their ideas are respected, students have  shown themselves to want to and be able to write  for their peers and others in remarkably interesting ways. The materials having been written by peers are even more interesting for students than normal texts  and caste a certain charm into the reading students’ heads as they read say