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Our first meeting of the new year will be on Sunday, Feb, 17th. Join us at the beautiful campus of Tsukuba Gakuin University. We especially appreciate their support and cooperation in providing us a comfortable meeting place! The Japan Association for Language Teaching  -JALT-   Co - sponsor : GALE SIG   Presentations:   by Diane Hawley Nagatomo (Ochanomizu University)  by Rie Koizumi (Juntendo University) Sunday, Feb, 17th, 13:00 – 17:00 1 . From Dutiful Daughters to English Professors: How Gender Shapes the Professional Lives of Japanese Female University English Teachers (13:00-14:00) This presentation examines the role of gender in the professional identity development seven Japanese female university English teachers ranging in age from their early thirties to their early sixties. The participants’ female gender will be shown to be at the heart of their professional identity-- first by being guided into English study from an early age by parents because of its perception as an

Sunday, December 9 Meeting

The Japan Association for Language Teaching  -JALT-   Co - sponsor : Ibaraki University Presentations:   1. Coaching in TPR Storytelling’s Core “Circling” Technique (13:00-14:00)   Dominic Jones ( Sendai Seiyo Gakuin University)   This workshop demonstrates the teaching skill of Circling and coaches, teachers in its use, so that they can add it to their teaching tool kit. Circling is used to provide multiple comprehensible repetitions of the target language in a fun way that improves your students’ language acquisition. Circling is a core skill of TPRS. TPRS is a teaching method that has evolved from Dr Asher’s total physical response teaching tool that uses reading and storytelling to teach language using comprehensible input. 2. Sign Language in the Language-teaching Classroom (14:15-15:45)   Mariko Miyao, Tsukuba Gakuin University Cecilia Ikeguchi, Tsukuba Gakuin University Martin Pauly, Tsukuba University of Technology Deaf and hard-of-hearing students are entering mainstream s

September 2012 Meeting

Presentations: Using brainstorming strategies for teaching argumentative writing to  college students in Japan (13:00-14:00) by Naomi Takagi (Ibaraki University) Chapter sponsored presenter for JALT 2012 Argumentative writing is an important mode of communication in academia and the workplace, and it is often assigned in the college classroom as well. This mode of writing, however, can be challenging for college students in Japan because many of them lack prior experience with it. The presenter will discuss the use of brainstorming strategies to reduce students' cognitive strains and enhance their productivity and enjoyment in argumentative writing.  Using T.V. commercials in English class (14:15-15:15) by Joyce Cunningham (Ibaraki University) After the advent of Youtube, commercials have never been easier to unearth and download but their very abundance can make the task somewhat daunting initially. In this workshop, tips on useful sites for locating commercials as well as

May 2012 Mini-Conference

全国語学教育学会 DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION WAS  MAY 10  Very sorry, registration is closed. The Japan Association for Language Teaching JALT Ibaraki Chapter 2012 May Meeting May 12 th Program Session I 14:00 - 15:2 0 - Featured Speaker Presentation David Barker Gifu University Title: What is “English conversation,” and how can it be taught? Almost every teacher in Japan will have some experience of teaching a conversation class. In many cases, the aims of these classes do not extend beyond a general notion of “getting the students talking,” and this is all too often reflected in the very limited results that they achieve. I believe that many conversation classes fail to produce measurable results because the students simply do not have a sufficient command of the language that they need to converse. To use a theatrical metaphor, teaching English conversation to Japanese university students is a bit like trying to teach dramatic skills to actors who don’t know their lines. In this presentatio

February Meeting

Date: February 19th Time: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Room no: Sho-kouzashitsu #2 (Small-sized Room #2) Place: Ibaraki Kennan Gakushu Center (in Urara Building, 5th Floor) 1:00 –2:20 (1 hour to talk and 20 for QA) Learners' Lives as Curriculum: Using Student-Created Texts in the Language Classroom Yasue Kawamorita and Tom Edwards 2:40 - 4:00 (1 hour to talk and 20 for QA) Fluency? Fluency. Fluency! Practical and theoretical approaches to fluency development. Peter Parise and Anne Takata 4:10- 5:00 Business meeting Abstracts for the February Meeting: Yasue Kawamorita and Tom Edwards Learners' Lives as Curriculum: Using Student-Created Texts in the Language Classroom In the Learners' Lives as Curriculum (LLC) model, student-created narratives are used as classroom material. The themes that are drawn upon in these narratives increase learners' motivation to use English as learners become comfortable speaking about themselves and and listening to others.