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The Japan Association for Language Teaching   全国語学教育学会 Next Meeting:  Saturday, September 12th, 2015, 09:30 – 17:00 Tsukuba Gakuin Daigaku Morning Presenters:   Mayu SHINTANI (University of Tsukuba)  Image Schema-Based Instructions on English Grammar (10:00 ~10:50): Cognitive linguistics has been devoting to reveal the very nature of language since the last few decades. One of their most fruitful results is the abstraction of the general patterns, the “image schemata,” underlying the grammatical entities. In this presentation, we will propose the grammar teaching method adopting the image-schema theory and show its strong potential in language teaching areas. As the instruction is more visible to learners than the ordinary character-based ones, it could offer them a clearer (and probably less boring) way to understand the grammar. We will also give the data collected in the experiment with native Japanese speaking students at several universities to prove the effectiveness of our metho