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Next Meeting - Saturday, June 4th 2016 Update

Date: Saturday, June 4th, 2016 Place: Ibaraki Christian University, Hitachi Time: 11:00~17:00 (10:30 Doors open.) Morning Presentation -  (11:00~11:40) Applicability of the Silent Way Method: Evaluating in terms of Foreign Language Anxiety and Conversation Analysis by Hidenori Kuwabara, Tokiwa University & Yosuke Ogawa, Kansai University Abstract: Since the Silent Way fell out of use in the 80s, it has not been examined by any of the modern pedagogical methodologies. Nevertheless, this unique method could have the potential to be applied to current language classrooms, especially with focus on form and fluency activities. This study attempts to investigate the applicable features of the Silent Way from the Foreign Language Anxiety (FLA) perspective along with a qualitative analysis of its interactional sequence. Data from video recordings and pre/post-questionnaires was analysed to assess how learners’ affective filters (i.e. FLA) were processed and how the interactional architectu

Sayonara Services for Our Friend Bob Betts.

This is to announce the date and time of cremation and memorial gathering (SHINOBU-KAI =偲ぶ会) of Betts-sensei. Please share this information with anyone who might be concerned. 1) Cremation:  May 7 (Sat) 13:50 -  (at Mito City Crematorium)   火葬:  5 月 7 日(土)  13:50 ~ 場所: 水戸市斎場  住所: 茨城県水戸市堀町2106-2     Please gather at 13:00 if you would like to attend.   お立会を希望される場合には、現地、 13 時集合となります。 2) Memorial Gathering (SHINOBU-KAI): May 8 (Sun) 15:00 - (at FUJISAITEN Mito Station South Exit Hall)     ロバート・ベッツ先生を偲ぶ会:  5 月 8 日(日)  15:00 ~  富士祭典セレモニア富士水戸駅南館 住所: 水戸市桜川 2-5-11   ★ Please be advised that people can gather in casual dress for SHINOBU-KAI.         偲ぶ会へのご参加は平服にてお願いいたします。     ★ If there is anyone who wishes to send a flower for the hall of SHINOBU-KAI, please request him/her to make contact directly with FUJISAITEN's office at 029-251-7235. 会場へのお花の提供を希望されている方がいらっしゃいましたら、直接富士祭典の事務所( 029-251-7235 )にお電話いただくよう、おつたえください。   ★ We have prepared this