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Ibaraki JALT March All-day Meeting

Presentations: Morning 10:00 – 12:00 1. Teaching Writing: Why and how can we include grammar and culture (context)? By Nivedita Kumari,  Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba (CEGLOC-centre) Kumari has taught EFL Japanese learners for four years and has been interested in research related to cross-cultural studies on pragmatics. With a background and PhD in linguistics, she intends to apply the theories of linguistics to classroom teaching. Afternoon 14:00 – 16:00 2. Educational development in Nepal By Pramila Neupane,  Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba (CEGLOC-centre) With a Ph.D. in International Studies and a Master’s degree in English Language Education, her current research focuses on socioeconomic issues in education in developing countries. Also being interested in student motivation, she will talk about educational development issues in Nepal in the changing political situation and share her research on student’s motivation in learning English. 3. Business Meetin