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JALT-Ibaraki Chapter September 2020 Online Event on September 19th, 2020

  Online Event on Saturday, September 19th, 2020  We would like to invite you to our first online epic meeting. We have excellent presenters lined up for September and we are extremely honoured for their willingness to be the first in perhaps hereafter online chapter meetings.  Program details  1. Presentation by Rika Otsu, lecturer, Ibaraki University (10:00-11:00) Title: “Motivating English learners through the Voluntary Reading of English Picture Books to Children – The Influence upon University Student Volunteer Readers –“   This study aims to explore the improvement in the motivation of university students toward English learning and English skills by virtue of their involvement in English education at elementary schools. Two university students joined the activities of reading English picture books aloud to elementary school students over the course of ten months in fiscal year 2018. Their actual English readings were video-taped before and after the volunteer reading and showed