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Co-sponsoring Gifu-JALT Online Event “Buzz Green Day” (April 2021 Ibaraki-JALT Chapter Event)

Co-sponsoring Gifu-JALT Online Event “Buzz Green Day” Date:  April 24 th ,  2- 7 p.m. Details Ibaraki-JALT is one of the co-sponsors of Gifu-JALT Online Event called “Buzz Green Day.” The event details will be announced as soon as we receive more information.  For your information, the following is the call for the presenters sent from Gifu-JALT. Call for the presenters: Buzz Green Day  (Gifu JALT, April 24th, 2-7 pm online)   In memory of the beloved JALT member and friend,  Buzz Green , Gifu JALT is hosting a half-day event in April, and they are putting out a call for presenters. The event will host an array of presentations with an emphasis on young learners and ALT-related topics, two areas of teaching dear to Buzz's heart. Presentations will be 30 mins long. Potential participants could either send Gifu JALT your title and/or abstract, or get in touch first to discuss their ideas. First-time presenters are very welcome. MyShare and poster sessions are encouraged and poss