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December Meeting - Ibaraki JALT, December 17, 2016

1. Presentation (14:00~16:10) Butterfly Wing Flaps and Second Language Acquisition by James A. Elwood, Meiji University Abstract of Presentation: Butterfly Wing Flaps and Second Language Acquisition James A. Elwood Meiji University Lorenz (1963) may have correctly characterized the relationship between lepidopteral beings and weather events, but distance has long been a sadly underresearched aspect of second language acquisition (SLA). This talk will address a triad of affective variables in SLA to which little attention has been given: perceived distance, ego permeability, and extroversion. A brief discussion of the history of the three constructs will be followed by a detailed explanation of a study that investigated the addition of these to two models of willingness to communicate in SLA. We will conclude with a look at pedagogical implications from these results.  James Elwood holds a doctorate in TESOL from Temple University and is an associate professor in the Faculty