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First Meeting in 2014 - Sunday, Feb, 9th

Aloha, The meeting has NOT been cancelled but expected attendance will be low with highways and local roads closed. Enjoy the snow! 全国語学教育学会      The Japan Association for Language Teaching  -JALT-   Sunday, Feb, 9th, 10:00 – 17:00 Meeting   Presentations:   1. University Accreditation: It's Impact on EFL Teaching (10:00-12:00) by Bern Mulvey ( Iwate University)  As of 2004, all universities in Japan must submit to an external accreditation evaluation, to be repeated every seven years. The universities receive written assessments in multiple categories from one of four official accrediting agencies. These assessments are intended to provide detailed evaluations of curriculum appropriateness and teacher effectiveness, not to mention school/program effectiveness in meeting mission objectives. All reports are publicized. The universities also receive grades: pass, probation, or fail. In other words, at least in theory, university accreditation represents an unparalleled oppor